Sunday, January 20, 2008

(Not so) Lazy Sunday

We finally took down the old dusty curtains in the living room, hooray! The kids were there to help with their pint sized power drill (Black & Decker - just like Tatty's), safety goggles and tape measurer. Avi only fell off the ladder once - and in his defense, he only fell trying to avoid injuring Chaim who was climbing up behind him. The living room looks much bigger without those bulky, we have more wall space for hanging family portraits.

Mommy went out by herself to her good friends Ruthie's wedding shower. The food was great and it was a blast seeing Ruthie in her homemade gift wrap bonnet!

Later that afternoon we went to Avraham Chaim's 3rd birthday party. Mommy decorated a yarmulke for him as a birthday gift. Miri consumed copious amounts of candy and everyone had a great time. We headed home for a quick dinner and an early bedtime for the overstimulated children.
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