Monday, January 7, 2008

More sick days...

After 4 days of fever, it was determined that Chaim has his first (and hopefully his last) ear infection. He did not like having his ears checked! He is in a pretty bad mood all of the time, screaming and throwing himself to the ground shouting "Na!" (no).

My offer still stands - anyone want to take him home for a night is more than welcome...

In other news, I am finally starting to upload older family pictures, going back to our wedding. You can find them on the right-hand link under 2004.

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Qtpies7 said...

Ahh, poor guy! My husband has a bad ear infection and can't hear out of one ear, but he will not let me do any natural cures. However, the first round of antibiotics has not worked.
Chiropractic is great! Warmed lemon juice in the ear works wonders for stopping things, but my husband said it burned. ( the one time he let me do it) I also use garlic tablets and poke a hole in it and drip the juice in the ear, that works well. Hydrogen peroxide is great, but it can scare little kids because it gets warm.
The BEST cure is breast milk!!!! It cures ear infections and pink eye in a snap! My doc did not believe me until we watched the meds not work and the milk work fabulously.