Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The music of a new generation

Our two-year-old has her own MP3 player now. We had purchased her a cheap tape player for our road trip to Chicago, but that had broken within the week, and by then she was already addicted to her headphone-wearing lifestyle. We decided to replace it with a Fisher-Price FP3 player, since she had a Toys-R-Us gift card anyway, and we don't own more than four cassette tapes. I have never really written a review, but I feel the need to comment on this device.

I'll start with the CONS:
-Needs an SD card for any real memory

-Always starts back at the first song when you start it up

-Only takes proprietary FP3 format

-Only creates FP3 files directly from CDs, not existing MP3s

-Software is sluggish

-Can't reorder the songs once they are on the player
-Flimsy headphone foam (a replacement is already on its way)

-It's really the only player on the market able to withstand Miri dragging it though the house all day
-The only headphones designed to fit Miri's little noggin

So, even through the cons surely outway the pros, until someone else designs a similarly rugged player for the small set, we shall endure with this one!

Chaim is getting big enough to sit at the picnic table in the kitchen with Miri. It's so cute to watch them eat together and share their food. He loves being big just like his sister!

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