Friday, March 14, 2008

Our fabulous weekend

We went to Passaic for Shabbos. We forgot to bring the narcotics, so Miri screamed and complained the whole drive up there about how much she needed to get out of her car seat. Once we got there, however, it was really nice. We stayed with a wonderful family and were able to see our friends for lunch the following day (even though it was raining in buckets and we were sopping wet when we arrived!)

Ruthie's Shabbos kallah was absolutely amazing!!!!!!! It was so beautiful and inspiring and lovely and the food and the friends were great too.

Avi and I were able to go to our all-time favorite restaurant in Teaneck, Sushi Mitzuyan, on Motzei Shabbos, because the aforementioned wonderful family we stayed with let us leave our sleeping children with them so we could go out alone.

Ruthie's wedding was simply amazing. Everywhere I turned I ran into someone else I knew...from Silver Spring, Passaic, Monsey, Yerushalayim. It was so beautiful and the dancing was spectacular. The kids had a blast running all over the giant hall and dancing with pom-poms for the kallah. We stayed up until the very end and then changed the kids into jammies for the drive home. We had to stop at a grocery store somewhere in Jersey for sippy cups and milk, having left some items behind accidentally.

Sheva Brachos on Tuesday was very special as well, where we got a few quality minutes with the chassan and kallah. Can you tell I am so very happy for them???????

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Unknown said...

Please pass along a big Mazal Tov to Ruthie and her Chassan for me. Mom