Sunday, March 23, 2008

Purim Reflections

We had a truly wonderful Purim this year. The kids actually enjoyed wearing their costumes, and of course, with every shalach manos that came to our door, Miri thought the candy was specifically for her and meant to be consumed immediately.

I have strengthened my resolve to keep the children away from extraneous sugar now that I see how enhanced their natural hyper-ness becomes with chocolate and hamentashen running through their veins. Bedtime on Friday night was an hour long scream and sob-fest that finally ended at candlelighting time - B"H I was able to light ALONE, in peace, for the first time this year. (though I did kind of miss having the kids with me at this special and holy time just a little bit)

Miri and I made our own hamantashen for the first time this year, and with the exception of the botched first batch, which did not hold their triangle shape, they came out pretty good! Chaim even managed to bring the stool across the room and help himself to some on the cooling rack while we weren't looking!

The seudah (festive Purim meal) on Friday afternoon was beautiful and leibedik and the kids ate well (finally some real food) and had fun playing with all the other kids their age. Of course, Chaim always feels at home whenever he finds someone's broom, mop or vacuum. I think next year for Purim we will dress him up as a janitor.

Then...and now -

Purim 2006

Purim 2007

Purim 2008

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