Monday, March 3, 2008

The golden calf

A few weeks ago on Shabbos, we were learning the parsha (Torah portion of the week) with Miri. We read from the book My first Parsha Reader, designed for children 3-8. We learned about the golden calf, but since Miri didn't really know the word calf, I explained that the Jews were worried when Moshe didn't return, so they started davening (praying) to a cow instead. Miri seemed to understand, and the next day, when I "quizzed" her on the parsha, she remembered everything from the story beautifully.

Fast forward to this morning, several weeks later....

Miri: Thank you for the oatmeal, it's delicious.
Mommy: You're welcome
Miri: Baby is eating nicely. I yuv (love) baby, he's bootiful (beautiful)...and I also yuv Mommy and Tatty and Miri. Mommy, are you gonna have bekfast (breakfast) too?
Mommy: I will, as soon as I'm done making my brachos to Hashem (morning blessings).
Miri: Ok, Mommy, but don't daven to a cow.

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Diana said...

I hope you listened to Miri's sage advice!