Wednesday, December 26, 2007

to Chicago and back again!

What a crazy week! On Thursday night we packed the kids in the minivan and headed northwest for Chicago, driving through the night. We arrived exhausted and starving. Luckily Bubbie Fogel was waiting for us and we had a 5am breakfast. Later we lunched on bay-ken burgers at Great Chicago Food & Beverage Company.

We spent a lovely Shabbos with the family in West Rogers Park. Miri and Chaim enjoyed playing with their cousins, Yehoshua and Avigayil. On motzei shabbos, we left the children sleeping and snuck out to Slice of Life for some delicious mexican food.

On Sunday, we hit the Chicago Children's Museum and had an amazing day filled with food-shopping, bus-driving, ice skating, water play, curious George, and even Ben & Jerrys! We had a nice family dinner and the children even received more Chanukah gifts, to their utter delight!

Monday included a visit to Uncle Hackie and his family, followed by a little informal gathering open house, so that we could see all of our other Chicagoland friends.

We had a family brunch on Tuesday with Bubbie Dorothy, Aunt Judy, Uncle Mark, and cousin Aaron. It was so nice to see everyone. After nightfall, we had a quick dinner at Malibu Pizza, packed the kids back in the car and headed home straight through the night, arriving just before 7am. Plenty of time to bathe and dress the kids and send Miri off to nursery school. We have a lot of sleep to catch up on now...goodnight!

(We mention the food a lot because the restaurants really are better in Chicago - go check them out!)


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Diana said...

I can't believe you didn't get the Avi burger!