Saturday, December 1, 2007

Kids say the Darndest things

It's not just her parents that think Miri says especially funny things. Now her teachers are regaling me with stories of the entertaining things she says while she's at school. I wish I had a recorder on all the time, though, because most of what she says I manage to forget withing two minutes. However, I will do my best to write them down here whenever I can so you can all enjoy the "Miri-isms" as we do.

Here's one from Shabbos:

On Shabbos morning I usually let Miri have a little bit of "Shabbos lipstick" which is clear liquid lip gloss approved for Shabbos use. This week she faithfully requested some on her lips before we went downstairs for breakfast (which on Shabbos morning is a Quaker breakfast cookie). She was about to put the cookie to her mouth when she paused and pulled the cookie away from her mouth. "But Mommy, all of my lipstick will come off onto the cookie!"

I was feeding Chaim his breakfast bar, and Miri was intrigued. She asked, "Mommy can I see if it smells to me?" I dutifully put the fig bar under her nose so she could take a whiff and she promptly bit off half the bar in one quick bite.

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Diana said...

You should add a feed so people can subscribe!
And post more pictures of Bald Miri!